antiracist practice for white people

mobilizing defenses

I’m a good person and don’t cause racialized harm.



Expect bodies of culture to serve, comfort and/or teach white bodies. Seek reassurance, especially from bodies of culture. When not reassured, fight, high freeze, flee and/or collapse often follow.



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I need to prove my good intentions.



Dismiss, deny, and/or refute experiences of bodies of culture. Defend good intentions rather than acknowledge and repair the impact of racialized harm. Offer feedback to fellow white bodies without attempting to grow relationships with them.



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I don’t want to risk making white bodies [mine included] uncomfortable.



Want to do or say something to disrupt racialized harm, but go along with it for fear of the consequences.



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I want to do or say something right now but I can’t.



Silence. Not engaged in racialized interactions. Often followed by flee, submit and collapse responses.



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This is too much.



Literally and figuratively move away from situations and relationships that elicit racialized stress, including with fellow white bodies. Avoid, dissociate, and cut off, including from family, friends and coworkers.



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