antiracist practice for white people

a note on language. we use the following terms:
  • bodies of culture instead of people of color.* People of color was created by white supremacists for the purpose of stripping Black bodies of humanness and creating a racial hierarchy. Culture is an essential part of being human and cannot be reduced to a color. Many bodies bristle initially when we hear white bodies identified by a color in contrast to all other bodies as belonging to cultures. Notice this discomfort and be curious.


  • bodies (i.e. white bodies, bodies of culture) in order to shift our focus on our bodies and build awareness of how our bodies move or don’t move in ways that cause racialized harm to bodies of culture.

*we use this term based on the guidance of Resmaa Menakem, who created this term and how it reflects his lived experience and how he wishes to reclaim his identity, “I don’t say bodies of “color” anymore, because what I’m trying to do is, I’m trying to reclaim the idea that I’m actually a human.” (quote from “Resmaa Menakem – Notice the Rage; Notice the Silence.” On Being with Krista Tippett, 4, June 2020,

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