antiracist practice for white people

What we think as white bodies is a sense of belonging is actually racialized stress that’s predicated on other cultural communities racialized stress and shame, and as soon as we begin to experience any morsel of racialized stress, it causes us to spin into a shame spiral, causes us to seek return to uninterrupted racialized comfort (we see as homeostasis) that occurs in predatory ways (my comfort is more important and at the expense of your safety/humanity and comfort)

Theres not enough energy in our bodies most of the time that specifically tracked our racialized and cultural experiences, so disassociated from our own experience and how that differs from other bodies’ experiences, that’s why “when people start to talk about/address race, it makes it worse”

We haven’t actually learned how to tolerate a consistent level of energy in our body around tracking racialized dynamics (low freeze). Chandler–“maybe I’m not even really here, or I’ll totally forget that thing just happened, I have that luxury”

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