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humility + resilience in white bodies

Join us as we grow a culture where our value for racial justice is consistent with how our bodies and voices move together in daily life.

cultural coherence supports white bodies in growing more flexible nervous systems in response to racialized stress. Our resources help white people learn language and skills to track defensive racialized stress responses in our personal and communal bodies, and engage in reparative actions with humility + resilience. As we learn to cause less racialized wounding and foster repair, we grow a more coherent culture among our people.

Online learning resources coming in 2021.

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our grounding truths

all of our bodies are fundamentally good and lovable.

all white bodies move and speak in ways that re-wound bodies of culture

all white bodies can learn to move and speak in ways that cause less racialized stress and re-wounding to bodies of culture, and foster repair

in safe enough spaces, bodies of culture can experiment with taking up space and not care-taking white bodies

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